Dell Laptop Repair Service Centre Bangalore


Do you want to get your Dell laptop repaired from professional expert’s? Before I guide you to the best Dell Service centre in Bangalore, let’s first explain about Dell Laptop Models, specification, part replacement and DIY articles.

Dell Laptop Repair Experts Bangalore

You are here because you are looking for Dell laptop repair and services in order to fix the issue with your laptop. You may have several questions or confusions in mind like how to choose the best laptop repairs service centre? how to get the professional and standard service for your Dell laptop?, how to get the best service at a reasonable price? and many more.

In this blog, we will clarify all your queries and at the end, you will get a clear vision of choosing the best laptop repair service Centre for yourself to fix your laptop issues. Also about dell models

Complete List of All Dell Laptops and Repair Options

Let’s just list out all Dell laptop models, specifications, parts and repair options in details. Dell laptops widely remembered as below.

Latitude – Dell latitude laptops are small, lightweight and stylish, specially built for commercial use.
Vostro – Especially suitable for small business built with advanced processors and security.
Inspiron – Dell Inspiron laptop suitable for home, student and business users for regular daily productivity and entertainment. Built with processor, great storage, media streaming
XPS – Dell XPS laptops built for programmers, graphics editors, media workers, quite high end and light weight, slim laptops.
Retired models – Retired models are nothing but, Dell stopped supporting those devices.
Chromebook – Cloud based powerful computers with no physical storage, with Chrome OS installed in it.

Dell Inspiron Laptops Repair

Check out all Dell inspiron laptops below. Click on the model to look specifications, parts and repair options

Inspiron 11 3162/3164Inspiron 15 3576Inspiron 15 3531
Inspiron 11 3168Inspiron 3152 2-in-1Inspiron 15 3541
Inspiron 11 3169Inspiron 3153 2-in-1Inspiron 3542
Inspiron 11 3179Inspiron 3157 2-in-1Inspiron 3543
Inspiron 11 3180Inspiron 3158 2-in-1Inspiron 3551
Inspiron 11 3185 2-in-1Inspiron 3195 2-in-1Inspiron 3552
Inspiron 14 3459Inspiron 14 3441Inspiron 3558
Inspiron 14 3462Inspiron 14 3442Inspiron 3580
Inspiron 14 3465Inspiron 14 3443Inspiron 3581
Inspiron 14 3467Inspiron 14 3451Inspiron 3582
Inspiron 14 3468Inspiron 14 3452Inspiron 3583
Inspiron 14 3473Inspiron 14 3458Inspiron 3584
Inspiron 14 3476Inspiron 14 3480Inspiron 3585
Inspiron 15 3510Inspiron 14 3481Inspiron 3590
Inspiron 15 3511Inspiron 14 3482Inspiron 3593
Inspiron 15 3515Inspiron 14 3490Inspiron 3595
Inspiron 15 3555Inspiron 14 3493Inspiron 3780
Inspiron 15 3559Inspiron 15 3501Inspiron 3781
Inspiron 15 3565Inspiron 15 3502Inspiron 3782
Inspiron 15 3567Inspiron 15 3505Inspiron 3785
Inspiron 15 3568Inspiron 15 3520Inspiron 3790
Inspiron 15 3573Inspiron 15 3521Inspiron 3793
Inspiron 13 5310Inspiron 5301Inspiron 5502/5509
Inspiron 13 5368 2-in-1Inspiron 5370Inspiron 5505
Inspiron 13 5378 2-in-1Inspiron 5390Inspiron 5515
Inspiron 13 5379 2-in-1Inspiron 5391Inspiron 5542
Inspiron 14 5410 2-in-1Inspiron 5400 2-in-1Inspiron 5543
Inspiron 14 5410/5418Inspiron 5401/5408Inspiron 5545
Inspiron 14 5443Inspiron 5402/5409Inspiron 5547
Inspiron 14 5468Inspiron 5405Inspiron 5548
Inspiron 14 5485Inspiron 5406 2-in-1Inspiron 5551
Inspiron 14 5485 2-in-1Inspiron 5415Inspiron 5552
Inspiron 15 5510/5518Inspiron 5445Inspiron 5555
Inspiron 15 5565Inspiron 5447Inspiron 5557
Inspiron 15 5566Inspiron 5448Inspiron 5558
Inspiron 15 5567Inspiron 5451Inspiron 5559
Inspiron 15 5568 2-in-1Inspiron 5452Inspiron 5570
Inspiron 15 5578 2-in-1Inspiron 5455Inspiron 5575
Inspiron 15 5579 2-in-1Inspiron 5457Inspiron 5580
Inspiron 15 5582 2-in-1Inspiron 5458Inspiron 5590
Inspiron 15 5583Inspiron 5459Inspiron 5591 2-in-1
Inspiron 15 5584Inspiron 5480Inspiron 5593
Inspiron 15 5585Inspiron 5481 2-in-1Inspiron 5594
Inspiron 15 Gaming 5576Inspiron 5482 2-in-1Inspiron 5598
Inspiron 15 Gaming 5577Inspiron 5488Inspiron 5748
Inspiron 15R 5521Inspiron 5490Inspiron 5749
Inspiron 17 5765Inspiron 5491 2-in-1Inspiron 5755
Inspiron 17 5767Inspiron 5493Inspiron 5758
Inspiron 5280 2-in-1Inspiron 5494Inspiron 5759
Inspiron 5300Inspiron 5498Inspiron 5770
Inspiron 5501/5508Inspiron 5775
Inspiron 13 7368 2-in-1Inspiron 7300 2-in-1Inspiron 7500 2-in-1 Black
Inspiron 13 7375 2-in-1Inspiron 7306 2-in-1Inspiron 7500 2-in-1 Silver
Inspiron 13 7378 2-in-1Inspiron 7347Inspiron 7501
Inspiron 14 7447Inspiron 7348 2-in-1Inspiron 7506 2-in-1
Inspiron 14 7460Inspiron 7352Inspiron 7547
Inspiron 14 Gaming 7466Inspiron 7353 2-in-1Inspiron 7548
Inspiron 14 Gaming 7467Inspiron 7359 2-in-1Inspiron 7557
Inspiron 15 7510Inspiron 7370Inspiron 7568 2-in-1
Inspiron 15 7559Inspiron 7373 2-in-1Inspiron 7570
Inspiron 15 7560Inspiron 7380Inspiron 7573 2-in-1
Inspiron 15 7569 2-in-1Inspiron 7386 2-in-1Inspiron 7580
Inspiron 15 7572Inspiron 7390 2-in-1Inspiron 7586 2-in-1
Inspiron 15 7579 2-in-1Inspiron 7391Inspiron 7590
Inspiron 15 Gaming 7566Inspiron 7391 2-in-1Inspiron 7590 2-in-1
Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567Inspiron 7400Inspiron 7591
Inspiron 15 Gaming 7577Inspiron 7405 2-in-1Inspiron 7591 2-in-1
Inspiron 16 7610Inspiron 7415 2-in-1Inspiron 7706 2-in-1
Inspiron 17 7773 2-in-1Inspiron 7472Inspiron 7746
Inspiron 17 7778 2-in-1Inspiron 7490Inspiron 7786 2-in-1
Inspiron 17 7779 2-in-1Inspiron 7500Inspiron 7791 2-in-1
Inspiron 7300
Inspiron Chromebook 11 3181 2-in-1
Inspiron Chromebook 11 3181
Inspiron Chromebook 7486
Inspiron 1000Inspiron 1525Inspiron 5150
Inspiron 10z 1120Inspiron 1526Inspiron 5160
Inspiron 1100Inspiron 1545Inspiron 5425
Inspiron 1122 M102zInspiron 1546Inspiron 5439
Inspiron 1150Inspiron 15R 5520Inspiron 5442
Inspiron 11z 1110Inspiron 15R 5537Inspiron 6000
Inspiron 11z 1120Inspiron 15R N5110Inspiron 600m
Inspiron 11z 1121Inspiron 15R SE 7520Inspiron 630m
Inspiron 1200Inspiron 15z 1570Inspiron 6400
Inspiron 1210Inspiron 15z 5523Inspiron 640M
Inspiron 13 1370Inspiron 17 N7010Inspiron 7000
Inspiron 13 N3010Inspiron 1720Inspiron 700M
Inspiron 1300Inspiron 1721Inspiron 710M
Inspiron 1318Inspiron 1750Inspiron 7437
Inspiron 1320Inspiron 1764Inspiron 7500 (End of Life)
Inspiron 13z 5323Inspiron 17R 5720Inspiron 7537
Inspiron 13z N301zInspiron 17R 5721Inspiron 7737
Inspiron 13z N311zInspiron 17R 5737Inspiron 8000
Inspiron 14 (N4120)Inspiron 17R N7110Inspiron 8100
Inspiron 14 1440Inspiron 17R SE 7720Inspiron 8200
Inspiron 14 M4010Inspiron 2000Inspiron 8500
Inspiron 14 M4040Inspiron 2100Inspiron 8600
Inspiron 14 N4020Inspiron 2200Inspiron 8600c
Inspiron 14 N4030Inspiron 2500Inspiron 9100
Inspiron 14 N4050Inspiron 2600Inspiron 9200
Inspiron 1410Inspiron 2650Inspiron 9300
Inspiron 1420Inspiron 3000Inspiron 9400
Inspiron 1425Inspiron 300mInspiron B120
Inspiron 1427Inspiron 3135Inspiron B130
Inspiron 1428Inspiron 3137Inspiron E1405
Inspiron 1440Inspiron 3138Inspiron E1505
Inspiron 1464Inspiron 3147Inspiron E1705
Inspiron 14R 5420Inspiron 3148Inspiron M301Z
Inspiron 14R 5421Inspiron 3200Inspiron M411R
Inspiron 14R 5437Inspiron 3420Inspiron M421R
Inspiron 14R N4010Inspiron 3421Inspiron M431R
Inspiron 14R N4110Inspiron 3437Inspiron M501R
Inspiron 14R SE 7420Inspiron 3500Inspiron M5040
Inspiron 14z 1470Inspiron 3537Inspiron M511R
Inspiron 14z 5423Inspiron 3700Inspiron M521R
Inspiron 14z N411zInspiron 3721Inspiron M531R
Inspiron 15 1564Inspiron 3737Inspiron M731R
Inspiron 15 M5010Inspiron 3800Inspiron Mini 10 1010
Inspiron 15 M5030Inspiron 4000Inspiron Mini 10 1012
Inspiron 15 N5010Inspiron 4100Inspiron Mini 10v 1011
Inspiron 15 N5030Inspiron 4150Inspiron Mini 10v 1018
Inspiron 15 N5040Inspiron 5000Inspiron Mini 12 1210
Inspiron 15 N5050Inspiron 5000eInspiron Mini 9 910
Inspiron 1501Inspiron 500mInspiron Mini Duo 1090
Inspiron 1520Inspiron 5100Inspiron X200
Inspiron 1521Inspiron 510mInspiron XPS
Inspiron XPS Gen 2

Dell Latitude Laptops Repair

While inspiron laptop targeting non commercial users, Latitude are straightly targeted commercial users. They are little heavy built to run for longer duration. Check out the Dell latitude all models, parts, specifications and repair options.

Dell Latitude 3480/3488Latitude 3301Latitude 3450
Dell Latitude 3580/3588Latitude 3310Latitude 3460
Latitude 13 3379 2-in-1Latitude 3310 2-in-1Latitude 3470
Latitude 13 3380Latitude 3320Latitude 3490
Latitude 3120Latitude 3330Latitude 3500
Latitude 3150Latitude 3340Latitude 3510
Latitude 3160Latitude 3350Latitude 3520
Latitude 3180Latitude 3390 2-in-1Latitude 3540
Latitude 3189Latitude 3400Latitude 3550
Latitude 3190Latitude 3410Latitude 3560
Latitude 3190 2-in-1Latitude 3420Latitude 3570
Latitude 3300Latitude 3440Latitude 3590
Latitude 5175 2-in-1Latitude 5320Latitude 5500
Latitude 5179 2-in-1Latitude 5400Latitude 5501
Latitude 5280/5288Latitude 5401Latitude 5510
Latitude 5285 2-in-1Latitude 5410Latitude 5511
Latitude 5289 2-in-1Latitude 5411Latitude 5520
Latitude 5290Latitude 5420Latitude 5521
Latitude 5290 2-in-1Latitude 5421Latitude 5580
Latitude 5300Latitude 5480/5488Latitude 5590
Latitude 5300 2-in-1Latitude 5490Latitude 5591
Latitude 5310Latitude 5491
Latitude 5310 2-in-1Latitude 5495
Latitude 7200 2-in-1Latitude 7380
Latitude 7210 2-in-1Latitude 7389 2-in-1
Latitude 7275Latitude 7390
Latitude 7280Latitude 7390 2-in-1
Latitude 7285 2-in-1Latitude 7400
Latitude 7290Latitude 7400 2-in-1
Latitude 7300Latitude 7410
Latitude 7310Latitude 7420
Latitude 7320Latitude 7480
Latitude 7320 DetachableLatitude 7490
Latitude 7350 2-in-1Latitude 7520
Latitude 7370
Latitude 9410
Latitude 9420
Latitude 9510
Latitude 9520
Latitude 5300 2-in-1 Chromebook Enterprise
Latitude 5400 Chromebook Enterprise
Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise
Latitude 6430uLatitude E6330
Latitude E5250/5250Latitude E6420 XFR
Latitude E5270Latitude E6430
Latitude E5430Latitude E6430 ATG
Latitude E5440Latitude E6430s
Latitude E5450/5450Latitude E6440
Latitude E5470Latitude E6530
Latitude E5530Latitude E6540
Latitude E5540Latitude E7240 Ultrabook
Latitude E5550/5550Latitude E7250/7250
Latitude E5570Latitude E7270
Latitude E6230Latitude E7440
Latitude E7450
Latitude E7470

Dell Vostro Laptops Repair

Dell Vostro laptops built for small business users. They quite are affordable. Check out dell vostro laptop models, parts, specification and repair options. 

Vostro 14 3449Vostro 3446Vostro 3561
Vostro 14 3468Vostro 3458Vostro 3572
Vostro 14 5468Vostro 3459Vostro 3578
Vostro 15 3510Vostro 3478Vostro 3580
Vostro 15 3515Vostro 3480Vostro 3581
Vostro 15 3549Vostro 3481Vostro 3582
Vostro 15 3562Vostro 3490Vostro 3583
Vostro 15 3565Vostro 3491Vostro 3584
Vostro 15 3568Vostro 3500Vostro 3590
Vostro 3400Vostro 3501Vostro 3591
Vostro 3401Vostro 3546
Vostro 3405Vostro 3558
Vostro 3445Vostro 3559
Vostro 13 5310Vostro 5460
Vostro 14 5410Vostro 5470
Vostro 15 5510Vostro 5471
Vostro 15 5568Vostro 5480
Vostro 5300Vostro 5481
Vostro 5301Vostro 5490
Vostro 5370Vostro 5501
Vostro 5390Vostro 5502
Vostro 5391Vostro 5515
Vostro 5401Vostro 5560
Vostro 5402Vostro 5581
Vostro 5415Vostro 5590
Vostro 5459
Vostro 15 7510
Vostro 15 7570
Vostro 15 7580
Vostro 7500
Vostro 7590
Vostro 1000
Vostro 1011
Vostro 1014
Vostro 1015Vostro 2510
Vostro 1088Vostro 2520
Vostro 1200Vostro 2521
Vostro 1220Vostro 3300
Vostro 1310Vostro 3350
Vostro 1320Vostro 3360
Vostro 1400Vostro 3400 (End of Life)
Vostro 1440Vostro 3450
Vostro 1450Vostro 3460
Vostro 1500Vostro 3500 (End of Life)
Vostro 1510Vostro 3550
Vostro 1520Vostro 3555
Vostro 1540Vostro 3560
Vostro 1550Vostro 3700
Vostro 1700Vostro 3750
Vostro 1710Vostro 500
Vostro 1720Vostro A840
Vostro 2420Vostro A860
Vostro 2421Vostro A90
Vostro V130Vostro V13
Vostro V131

Dell Alienware Repair

Dell Alienware laptops built for gaming and high graphics design  users. They costly and heavy laptops. Check out dell Alienware laptop models, parts, specification and repair options. 

lienware 13Alienware 15Alienware 17Alienware Area-51mAlienware m15/17/19Lagecy
Alienware 13Alienware 15Alienware 17Alienware Area-51mAlienware m15Alienware 14
Alienware 13 R2Alienware 15 R2Alienware 17 R3Alienware Area-51m R2Alienware m15 R3Alienware M11x R3
Alienware 13 R3Alienware 15 R3Alienware 17 R5Alienware m15 R6Alienware M17x
Alienware 15 R4Alienware 17 R2Alienware m15 R2Alienware M18x
Alienware 17 R4Alienware m15 R4Alienware 18
Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5Alienware M14x
Alienware m17Alienware M17x R2
Alienware m17 R2Alienware M18x R2
Alienware m17 R3Alienware M11x
Alienware m17 R4Alienware M14x R2
Alienware x15 R1Alienware M17x R3
Alienware x17 R1Alienware M11x R2
Alienware M15x
Alienware M17x R4

MenderClub – Dell Laptop repair specialists

We (MenderClub) proud to say that “We are Dell laptop repair specialists”. Our clients recognize us as “Dell laptop repair centre” Almost 8 years of experience in dell laptop repair brought us great confidence. Our repair technique is very unique.

Why do we claim that “We are premium dell laptop repair service centre in Bangalore?

In general, everyone looks for premium services to get the best service for their laptop repair. MenderClub proudly says we are a premium dell service centre for laptop repair in Bangalore. It is just not a word, we consider ourselves premium at our work because of the following factors.

Repair Technology

We are passionate about learning the new technologies and implement them in real-time which helps with laptop repair. While working on any Dell laptop or desktop motherboards or any other hardware components, there are chances for any electricity distractions, and it may lead to hardware failure. Hence, we use Static Mats and Static Bands while repairing the components.

Security, Care and Precautions

Our first goal is to prevent all our laptop repair from electro static distraction. Hence we follow required precautions very strictly. 

Static mats protect sensitive electronic equipment from getting damaged by any electricity discharge. Therefore, while repairing any electronic device, we always use static mats, static bands, static cleaning brush.

We Follow Dell Repair Guidelines

Dell has their own precaution, protocols, do’s and Don’ts do’s. We strictly follow the guidelines for better results. Did we successfully repair the laptop or don’t that is different question. But we make sure our diagnosis should not create any kind of unnecessary problems with laptop or computer.

Dell Schematic Diagram

Suppose, if you are dealing with any laptop or a desktop motherboard, it is important to refer to its schematic diagram and then work on it. By referring to the schematic diagram, you will get to know all the elements of the motherboard and makes the work effective. 

Our source are ultimate, any dell laptop or desktop we are ready with schematic diagram. 

DIY Support Knowledge base.

Dell DIY and manuals upgrade our laptop repair knowledge every time. If we face any issues with the laptop, we  refer to their knowledge base and try to figure it out first.

Even though we are technically strong at laptop repair, we refer to the Do-It-Yourself support knowledge base while troubleshooting any laptop or its parts. It drives to better results.


Now you are aware that ‘where to get your dell laptop repaired’ and where you can get dell laptop parts in Bangalore. In this guide we have invested all our experience and knowledge to list all Dell laptop repair procedures, parts replacement tricks and steps. We use premium tools and machines to perform those repairs.  

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